Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I typically don't take as many pictures in the winter months, but here are some of the kids from back in January. I have been working on photo books, hence the delay in getting these pictures up. I try to get at least a picture or pictures of the kids every month for our family photo books, and it was the end of January when I realized that I didn't have any pictures of the boys. So, I had all three sit together for a quick photo op. I got them laughing real good at one point...I just love those smiles.

These two are best buds. They look nothing alike and have different personalities, but they love to be around one another. Asher likes all the things that Judah likes, and Judah is daily telling me, "Mom, I just want to kiss him, he's so cute." They have shared a room since Asher turned three last summer. This week, Judah has been sick, and one night we let him sleep on the floor in our room. Asher woke up at some point and noticed that Judah was not in his bed, so he came into our room and insisted that he sleep in there, since that is where Judah was. Oh, these two. 


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