Saturday, June 24, 2017

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Camp Timber-Lee

Well, it's official. Our firstborn has spent two overnights at camp! Camp Timber-lee has a two night/three day "camp start" program for 2nd and 3rd graders. One of Judah's classmates asked him to go this year, and Judah really wanted to go. Then another classmate wanted to join as well. We were a tad nervous, since he has never been "on his own" overnight without family, but we had only heard good things about this camp, so we decided to let him go. 

We talked to him a lot about going to camp, especially the week leading up to it, hoping that this would make him more comfortable. The day before camp, Judah asked if he could spend time with just me for a little bit. He just wanted to sit on our front porch with me for a while. When I asked him why he wanted to sit with me, he told me that he knew he was going to miss me, so he waned to spend some alone time with me before he left. Seriously, how sweet is this kid. 

When we dropped Judah off, he was so excited to see his friends. After getting him settled in his cabin, we have him a quick hug goodbye, and as he hugged Eric, I could see tears in his eye, but he quickly said goodbye and ran off. A couple days later as Eric and I were driving back to camp to pick him up, we were so excited to hear about his time there.  Well, not only did Judah come back in one piece,  but he is already talking about going again next year. He said he had so much fun, and only missed us at night. We might have a yearly camper on our hands. :)

Photo by camp timber-lee

Photo by camp Timber-lee

Photo by camp Timber-lee

Photo by camo Timber-lee

Closing ceremony with parents